Steps to boost your internet speed upto 800 mbps

Every internet user would like to have high internet speed so that they can browse, watch videos, play games without any trouble. But if they want to enjoy such high speed internet they have to spend more money to get the desired internet setup. It is not possible for everyone. People those who cannot afford such internet setup would like to have more speed with the setup they already have. You may wonder is there any possibilities for that. Obviously you can increase your internet speed without changing any setup or spending more money. If you follow the steps mentioned below you can easily increase the internet speed.

First of all you visit the site

Then search for the option chat now and click that. 


As the next step, select what you would like to watch.


Once you done, an URL box will be opened. Insert the link which you want to browse at high speed.


There will be some suggestions like youtube, vimeo etc. You can even select any of those sites. 


The page you select will be displayed in the screen and it will be at the speed as you desire. 


The page will be displayed as a web page inside another web page. 

At this time, the internet speed will be around 500 to 800mbps. 


If you want to check the internet speed, you can visit the site 

It will let you know the present speed of your system. 

This is the best way to increase the internet speed easily. 
Some of the individuals may have a doubt whether the site they are supposed to visit is reliable. 

They do not have to concern about that because the site they are going to visit because it is completely safe and there will not be any issues. 


Chances are likely to ban Whatsapp in India

Though there are plenty of instant messaging applications, Whatsapp is being the most popular and preferred application. Every smart phone users will have this application in their mobile. 


The major thing which makes everyone to use Whatsapp is its features. The users are able to share image, audio, video and documents through this exceptional mobile application. 

Since the number of Whatsapp users is increasing day by day, the application gets many updates and lot of essential and useful features are being added to Whatsapp. In that way, the application has got an effective feature to make sure the security of data shared between two users.

End to End encryption :

The new update in the application is End to End encryption. This is mainly intended to give utmost security to the users in sharing anything with others. Hence the message you send to your friend cannot be viewed by anybody else. 

Even if a person uses a hacking tool to crack the security system, he cannot do that and take any of your personal data. Since this feature gives greatest security, the Whatsapp users have welcomed this feature and they are very much happy and satisfied about their data protection.

Drawback :

Even if is very useful for the Whatsapp users, there is a major drawback in this feature. Since the messages cannot be encrypted by any third parties, the criminals and terrorists can use Whatsapp for sharing their information. No one can crack and get to know about those data. This is being a serious threatening for many countries which are trying to demolish terrorism. In fact, government of various countries have condemned Whatsapp for introducing this high end encryption option. Moreover many governments have banned Whatsapp in their country. This is being a very big issue in the recent days.

Protest against Whatsapp :

Brazil has completed banned Whatsapp and even arrested one of the officials for not providing the chat report related with a drug case. Following to that, India is also thinking of prohibiting Whatsapp. An activist named Sudhir Yadav has filed a petition against Whatsapp and he mentioned that whatsapp’s new feature will be a very big threatening for the country’s security. 

He filed the complaint in the Supreme Court as a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). Actually he expressed his complaints to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology but the authorities have not responded for his statements.

Hence he came to this decision and filed a petition in the court. His complaint is coming for hearing on June 29. In the petition he mentioned an important thing that Whatsapp is the main source which is being used to spread unwanted rumours in Jammu and Kashmir and create many issues in the place. 

He also added a statement that this end to end encryption cannot even cracked by any security agencies therefore it will be a useful option for the criminals to share information without any concern about police interception. Likewise he has mentioned so many things in the petition therefore theWhatsapp users are looking forward for the court’s judgement .

How to Get More Views on Youtube [Guide]

This is frequently asked question by most of the video publishers or beginners that how to get more views on youtube videos ? because every video publisher wants to become famous on the internet and many people have become well-know because of their youtube videos or channels and earning thousands of dollars from their videos by putting the Google Ads on their videos, so most of the beginners wants to earn money from their videos but not able to get the more video views even they have quality content so here are some best tips for increasing your youtube video views, you may also like How to get more Followers on Instagram .


Use Most Searched Titles : 

Always used the attractive and most searched titles in your videos like use “how to kiss a girl tips” instead of “kiss girl” and always provide the best description as you can by using the attractive words and describe the whole video in 3,4 lines for the ease of the viewer.

Use Best Video Tags: 

Also select the best possible keywords from your title or description and put all them in tags by separating them with commas for getting more traffic on your videos because sometime user only search with to the point keywords that you must have to put in your tags and grab that user easily.

Share Videos on Social Media:

This is the best way for getting more viewers on your videos by sharing on other platforms wisely, Share the uploaded video as soon as possible on the other networks by the sharing buttons given by the youtube for getting more people to watch your content and for increasing your importance.

Use Blogs or Websites for Promotion:

If you wants to create a successful channel on video sharing websites then you must have one official blog or website with the name of the video sharing channel,because it is easy to get readers on blogs or websites instead directly there so if you don’t have a blog or website,Create it today not matter make free blog on Blogger or buy domain and hosting from Godaddy and start sharing your capture their with unique keywords.

If you don’t know how to create a website or Blog,not a big issue,simply open other famous websites where the content present according to your channel and start sharing your videos links in the comments, because related link commenting also considered the big way for getting more traffic as we also done in the start of our website promotion.

Increase Your Subscribers: 

This is not very difficuilt to increase subscribers as people frequently asked “how to get more subscribers on youtube” whatever Simply ask to your viewers in the description and also please them that subscribe with us for the latest updates so it all depends upon your content if they thinks that your updated tutorial is able to watch then they fastly subscribe with you,because there is no cost of subscription there, LOL! 

These are some tips for the questions “how to get more views on youtube” Hope it will helps you alot in your promotion, Let us know your views in the comments.

Root and install LG G5 TWRP recovery [Full steps]

Smart phones are becoming very popular these days and it is used by all kinds of people as the smart phones have become user friendly to everyone. Most of the people always want to utilize all the features in any device. It does not matter whether it is useful for them or not, people always try to use all the given features. They try to use most of the features mostly and there are people who try to use all the features at least once. 

The fact is the manufacturer of the smart phones does not usually give access to all the features to use. In such cases we need rooting. 


Rooting :

Rooting is the process of allowing the user to gain access to all the available features of the smart phones or gadgets easily irrespective of the restrictions given by the operating system. We can simply put it as rooting allows the user to take control of the operating system in order to use the smart phones beyond the limitations. Full access to the phone is possible through rooting. In the android devices it is called rooting and in iOS devices it is called jail breaking.

Rooting TWRP recovery on LG G5 :

Rooting is mainly used in android devices and the term rooting has been developed when the android platform was gaining the familiarity. TWRP is the recovery software used in the android based devices to back up the device and to recover when it is necessary. TWRP is released by Team Win Company and it is widely used in the android phones. It is a touch screen interface which allows the user back up the current system. 

Basically LG supports the unblock boot loader in LG G5 which assists the user to root and install the TWRP recovery easily. To root and install TWRP recovery we need ADB and fastboot driver for windows and MAC as per the system you use. Then download the TWRP recovery and save it in the ADB folder, finally rename it as recovery.img. Now download SuperSu to root LG G5 and copy the same to your SD card. After downloading all these set up files and drivers, we have the following steps to root and install TWRP recovery on LG G5.

Files required to Install and root LG G5 custom recovery :

#1 Download ADB and fastboot driver for windows  This will also install your device driver.

#2 Download TWRP Recovery for LG G5 and place it in the folder where ADB installed and rename it to ‘recovery.img’.

#3 Download SuperSu to root LG G5 and copy it to your phone sd card.

1) First step is to enable USB debugging on your android device.

2) Open the ADD folder and right click to choose the open command window here.

3) Connect your phone to the PC and reboot the device to fast boot mode.

4) Using the command fastboot devices in command prompt, check your connection, if it shows your device serial number then your device is connected perfectly. 

5) Using the command fastboot recovery recovery.img you will see the flashing recovery on your phone

6) Using the fastboot recovery reboot your phone to recovery mode, here the custom recovery is successfully installed in the phone.

7) In the TWRP recovery, navigate and Install Zip and then root your LG G5 through 

8) Install SuperSu and reboot your device. Now you have finished rooting and installing TWRP recovery on LG G5 successfully

Download and Install MIUI 7.2 for Xiaomi Redmi 2,1s,Mi4i, Mi4, Mi3,Note 4G

Get the latest MIUI 7.2 for Xiaomi devices :

Everyone smartphone users will upgrade their devices with latest updates. They will be looking for such updates in internet and they will immediately download and install them. Recently the MIUI 7.2 has been released for devices Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 2, 2S, Mi 2A, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 1s 3G and few others. If you are using any of these devices you can get the latest MIUI 7.2 rom. 

Download-install-miui-7.2-for-xiaomi device

It is actually based on Android marshmallow 6.0 and it has included with number of exceptional features when compared to the previous version. Also it is faster than the MIUI 7.

 The devices which are already having MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 can be updated manually. But some of the devices might be very slow while doing this update. If you want to do it faster, then you can find an alternative option in internet. The features which have been implemented in this latest MIUI 7.2 Rom are listed below.

Warning: We is not responsible, if you damage or brick your phone. Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions properly.

  •  System: The MIUI 7.2 has improved with app signature verification.
  •  Messaging: The user can send the contacts in name card style. Starred messages text box style has been optimized. SIM card messages can be synchronised.
  • Lock screen, Notification bar, and status bar: The issues in power button, status bar and lock screen has been fixed. 
  • Home screen: Animated effects of home screen icons have been optimised. Home screen crashes have been fixed. 
  • Music: While selecting “play all” option in song list the songs will not start from the first one. It has been optimized
  •  Backup: A fresh design has been optimized for Mi Mover. 
  • Settings: Interruption in the unlock settings has been fixed. Issues in backup have also been fixed. 
  • Mi Drop: Wifi connectivity issues have been solved.

Likewise the problems that the users facing in cleaner, weather and Mi cloud have also been optimised in this latest MIUI 7.2.

#Download and Install MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM –

1.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Mi Pad 

2.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 4G 

3.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Mi4i 

4.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note Prime 

5.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 2 

6.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 3G 

7.Download MIUI 7.2 Global Stable ROM for Redmi 1S 3G 

Root / Unroot Lenovo K3 Note on Marshmallow 6.0 [Full Steps]

The Lenovo K3 note has got the updates of Android Marshmallow 6.0 recently. Before this, it was running with Android Lollipop 5.1.1. If you are a Lenovo K3 note user and want to root the device which has android marshmallow 6.0, then you can follow the steps given in the following but you have to make sure that you have created the back up of all the data in your device so that you will lose nothing.


Many people will not do this and they will lose all the important data. Therefore it is advised that you need to have a backup. 

Procedures to root  Lenovo K3 note 

1# Ensure that your device is having TWRP recovery.

2# Once after the confirmation, download the Super SU v2.68. from the store and place in the device memory.

3# Now you have to reboot your device in the TWRP recovery mode. 

4# Tap the “install” option in the recovery mode and choose the Super SU from the device memory. 

5# Once you select the Super SU , you have to swipe to confirm flash at the screen bottom. 

6# Reboot the device once it is flashed.

These are the simple steps which you have to follow while rooting your device. Similarly if you want to unroot your device, then you can follow the instructions below.

1# Open the application Super SU installed in your device. 

2# Select the settings in the application.

3# By scrolling down, you can see an option for full unroot. 

4# You have to tap that option. 

5# Now the application will ask you whether you really want to unroot the device. Select the continue option and proceed the process. 

6# After that, you have to reboot your device while it is booting up. 

7# Go to Super SU application page and select the uninstall option.           

#Download Super SU 

How to Download & install Android N 7.0 on Redmi 2/2A/Prime

Every mobile will be having different themes and the users can change that as they wish. The themes will give impressive interface to the users. The Xiaomi devices such as Redmi 2, Redmi 2A, and Redmi Prime are having MIUI interface. This is almost similar to the interface present in the iOS devices. But those devices are not having an app drawer. If you are using Xiaomi devices and want to change the themes, then you are able to get the latest Android N themes in your device. All you have to do is install the Android N launcher on the device. 


To install this Android launcher in your device, you do not have to root the device. It is because the Xiaomi devices are having built in theme engine. Therefore you can directly install the launcher to your device without any additional processes. The following are the steps which have to be followed to install the Android N theme launcher using the MIUI theme engine.

  • First of all you have to download the theme.

  • Then go to the file manager and tap the folder of MIUI.

  • Once you open the file manager, there will be many sub folders.

  • Go to the themes folder.

  • Now you have to copy the downloaded them and paste it in the folder.

  • After that reboot the device and open the themes app on the app drawer.

  • There will be some options and you have to choose offline.

  • The theme which you have saved will be present inside that offline mode.

  • Select that theme and apply it. 

Finally reboot the device and you will have the Android N theme in your device. 

By following these simple steps, you can easily download and install the theme that you want. 

Download :

Download Android N 7.0 .mtz [Global]

Download Android N 7.0 Theme [Chinese]